Defenders 046: Crystal Maiden

February 4, 2012


Rylai Crestfall, the Crystal Maiden for whighamz. Are you satisified?  This suggestion got the highest number of upvotes I’ve seen, which I’m going to attribute to the fact that people are running out of options.

I mentioned in my post for Silencer that I’m nearing the end of this journey.  Or at least that I’m getting close to being caught up with Valve.  But that got me thinking about the number of heroes in the game.

There’s 108, including the heroes that were added in the last update.  But, at what point do we have too many heroes?

Certainly the sheer number of heroes is part of the challenge that face newcomers when they start playing Dota.  The same can be said for items.  Granted, no one is really expected to know all  the heroes right out of the gate; knowing how 20 or so of the most common picks work is usually enough.  Even still, it’s a pretty huge knowledge set, and that’s too high a barrier of entry to some people.

You also run into a sort of quality control problem when you start getting too many heroes.  When you have over a hundred heroes, there’s bound to be some that are more powerful than others.  We see it already, especially in the competitive circuit.  There are heroes that just never get picked in professional play because they’re, well, bad.  Or rather, there are other heroes that do better jobs at filling their roles.  Even in casual play, there are heroes that are picked much less frequently than average.  What’s the point of having 100+ heroes if some of them are almost never played.  Sometimes it’s probably wiser to rebalance an old hero than to create something new.

Most of us can probably agree that there is some limit to the number of heroes that should be in the game.  Where do you think they should draw the line?

Wallpaper.  1920×1080.

PNGs.  Square / Wallpaper


  1. February 4, 2012 at 5:36 pm
    Robby says:

    I’d like to see them somehow weave some out and balance it really nicely at 100 even. 50 on each side.

    Lovely work by the way, on all of your Defenders series.

    Can’t wait to see Batrider!

  2. February 4, 2012 at 6:51 pm
    Peyton says:

    A friend just showed me this, and I have really got to hand it to you… you are amazing at this and I love your style. Honestly, I rarely take my time to even comment on some art even if it is outstanding. But this… at the very minimum you deserve my praise.

    Keep up the awesome work! I’m really looking forward to the next hero.

    I don’t know how you vote for which hero you do next, but I say Chen! ^^

  3. February 5, 2012 at 9:14 am
    Stevie says:

    First of all,
    I love your artworks and especially the ones of the intelligence heroes of Dota 2. They all look awesome.
    I agree, that there must be a limit of heroes, which are pickable but I think it’s a very essential part of Dota, that some new content must be released. I guess a solution would be, that only 2-3 Heroes each year could be released, that in 5 Years are only kinda ~120-130 Heroes in the pool and that’s enough. Furthermore some fixes in the balance would be nice.

    I also don’t know, as the guy above me said, how to vote but I would like to see Storm Sprit, cause he is a very funny hero and I still have to smile a lot when I see him.

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