Defenders 049: Death Prophet

February 24, 2012


Krobelus has been finished for a couple days, but I’ve taken my sweet time in posting her.  That’s because I’ve been trying to figure out a to democratize which hero I’m going to print next.  I’ve created a poll at where you can help decide, so please go and vote. Voting will last for two weeks.

Krobelus got a really great makeover for Dota 2.  First off, she’s French now, which is wicked.  I just feel in general that she has a lot more personality now than she did in the classic Dota days.  This has been happening a lot with the conversion process.

Blizzard has always been great for including those silly unit responses, but I feel that the characters were generally one dimensional.  Valve has already made it very clear that they’re going to do more than just recreate classic Dota heroes.  A lot of the lore is being re-written and expanded on, we get expository art like Are We Heroes Yet?, and heroes now actually talk with each other in game, revealing even more about their connections and backstory.  Yeah, they’ve done a lot to improve the game of Dota, but they’re also working really hard at building the world of Dota.

Mechanics and skills aside, what character in Dota is your favourite?  Who do you want to know more about?

Wallpaper.  1920×1080.

PNGs.  Square / Wallpaper


  1. February 24, 2012 at 3:24 pm
    Deity Link says:

    My favourite is Rikimaru because his lore is just like the godamn Batman’s!
    Also even though I’ve never played Zeus, the thought of fighting next to a real god is actually exciting.

  2. February 27, 2012 at 7:02 pm
    A huge fan of yours says:

    I quite enjoy anti-mages lore. Writing lore for his brother terrorblade in dota2 for a contest is actually how I won my beta key! I don’t particular enjoy playing either hero (I prefer other carries), but I hugely look forward to their lore in dota2, and interactions with eachother.

  3. September 13, 2012 at 10:53 pm
    Votriminh says:

    Jah’rakal Troll War Lord needs to be ported already so i can rape these hoes with permastun bash.

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