War Never Changes

January 28, 2012

I’m still waiting on the next batch of Defenders prints, but as if to tide me over, these arrived from the printer the other day.  I started working on this design almost exactly a year ago, and it’s only just now going to print.

The original version used a different mushroom cloud and was full colour, although substantially desaturated.  I ended up scrapping it in favour of a picture of the Nagasaki bomb, and bumping it down to just black and white.  I feel it gives it more of a vintage newspaper feel, which compliments the paper colour.

These badboys are printed on 100lb Speckletone Creme paper, by French Paper Co.  I’ve been in love with French Paper since I first saw some of my idols printing on it.  The colour range is massive, which is great for us designers, and the sheer number of weights and textures really opens up possibilities.

It was also my first chance to actually use the custom stamp I ordered back in December to help me number the prints.  My writing is absolutely horrible, as you can probably see, and the more structure imposed on it, the better.

War Never Changes is available in a limited edition of 35 pieces via the store.


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